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Meet Caspian.

Brokering his first apartment building at 19 and purchasing his first investment property at 20, Caspian has dedicated his life to building a premier commercial real estate business. He focuses all of his efforts on commercial properties, specializing in multifamily, both in his home state of Oregon and throughout the West Coast. A key player in numerous transactions of existing investment sales and ground-up development, he is an invaluable resource to his clients. 

Knowing firsthand what it takes to bring deals full-cycle (acquisition to sale), Caspian has held ownership positions in several investment properties and has achieved outsized returns on personal investments.

Caspian serves on the commercial board of OREF. He is committed to supporting specific charitable organizations across the globe and has built his career on the foundation of philanthropy. Caspian's relentless drive and complete focus on results serves his clients well.

WHAT Do we do?

Brokerage - Acquisitions - dispositions

Through both buyer and seller representation, we structure and drive forward transactions for our clients. Our goal is to be utilized as an extension of and curator for our client's acquisition and disposition strategies. Based in Medford, we primarily operate in Oregon and on the West Coast. Practically, this is accomplished through strategic buyer and seller representation.

Some of our promises to our sellers:

We will never list a property with iPhone photos.



Unless physically unable, we'll answer the phone everytime you call.

All marketing materials will be the highest quality available.



TFL-1 (1).jpg

The Flying Lark - 1401 Pansy Lane, Grants Pass

Asking: $14,900,000

Notes: Flagship entertainment & hospitality facility in beautiful Southern Oregon.


Southern Oregon Development Land Portfolio

Combined Asking: $13,140,000

Notes: Residential, commercial, multifamily, and industrial development land in the Rogue Valley.

Haskell-1 (1).jpg

320 N. Haskell Street, Central Point

Asking: $1,300,000

Notes: Last-of-its-kind multifamily development site in extremely desirable Twin Creeks neighborhood.

+ much more!

Recently Closed Transactions

DJI_0908 (1).jpg

Northgate Village Apartments

Price: Total capitalization at completion $60m+

Sale Date: 08/2022

Notes: Alongside Chris Martin (LandLeader), we represented the buyer in the single largest market-rate multifamily development site in Southern Oregon. 

504 Pine Street - Sold | Sale Price: Undisclosed, Off-Market | 14 Units (Buyer)

220 King Street - Sold | Sale Price $1,565,000, Off-Market | 13 Units (Seller)

0 Harbrooke Road - Sold | Sale Price: $1,100,000 | Development Land (Buyer)

4642 Riverview Avenue - Sold | Sale Price: $1,000,000 | 6 Units (Seller)

611 W. 11th Street - Sold | Sale Price: $900,000, Off-Market | 10 Units (Buyer)
247 Lorraine Avenue - Sold | Sale Price $800,000, Off-Market | 8 Units (Buyer & Seller)

403 W. 12th Street - Sold | Sale Price: $700,000 | 8 Units (Buyer)
114 Rogue River Hwy - Sold | Sale Price: $625,000, Off-Market | 6 Units (Seller)
145 Cedar Street - Sold | Sale Price: Confidential, Off-Market | 6 Units (Buyer)
415 Exp. Station Road - Sold | Sale Price: $750,000 | Development Land (Seller)
1852 Peach Street - Sold | Sale Price: $669,000 | Fourplex (Seller)

516 Maple Way - Sold | Sale Price: $627,000, Off-Market | Duplex (Seller)
330 S. 5th Street - Sold | Sale Price: $599,000, Off-Market | Fourplex (Seller)
209 Crater Lake Avenue - Sold | Sale Price: $570,000 | Office (Seller)
2974 Stacie Way - Sold | Sale Price: $550,000 | Fourplex (Seller)
236 N Oakdale Avenue -  Sold | Sale Price: $510,000, Off-Market | Fourplex (Seller)
704 Beatty Street - Sold | Sale Price: $525,000 | Fourplex (Buyer)

1840 Roxy Ann Place - Sold | Sale Price: $450,000 | Fourplex (Seller)

Hamilton Street - Sold | Sale Price: $450,000 | Off-Market, Multifamily Portfolio (Buyer)
8 Kenwood Avenue - Sold | Sale Price: $434,500 | Fourplex (Seller) 
704 Beatty Street - Sold | Sale Price $425,000, Off-Market | Fourplex (Buyer)
3310 Edgewater Drive - Sold | Sale Price: $396,000 | Single-Family Rental (Seller)
542 Boardman Street - Sold | Sale Price: $356,000 | Duplex (Seller)

+ much more!

We worked with Caspian Hoehne earlier this year in a 4 plex transaction in Medford. We literally could not be more thrilled with the work that Caspian did for us.

Not only was he accountable and did what he said he was going to do, he is a true hustler and can make stuff happen. If you are looking for someone who knows how to beat the bushes and get things done while he follows through with what he says he’s going to do, Caspian is the person.

Will R., Medford

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